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Ceramic Sanitary Ware Products

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Exceptional and Reliable Quality

Western Pottery (WP) products are developed directly at our manufacturing facility where all research, design, and testing take a concept from mold creation to innovating products that satisfy markets around the world.  


WP exceeds industry performance with the toughest quality and technical requirements that comply or exceed legislative standards such as UPC, IAPMO, ASME, and harmonized with Canadian CSA standards.


Considered to be the best flushing toilet in America, WP toilets are designed for superior performance with the guarantee of the highest quality.

* UPC      (Uniform Plumbing Code)

* IAPMO  (Int'l Assoc of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials)

* ASME    (American Society of Mechanical Engineers)

* CSA      (Canadian Standards Association)

Saving the Planet,   Protecting our Water

All Western Pottery products are developed for efficient ultra low water consumption of 20% - 40% less than conventional water saving toilets based on current federal standard of 1.6 gallons. All products are EPA Watersense and LEED compliant, proving best operational and sustainable performance.

WaterSense only considers extreme water-saving toilets that complete an independent certification process with rigorous criteria for both performance and efficiency to earn the EPA WaterSense label.

* EPA         U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

* LEED        Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

Bottom Line

  • B2B Manufacturer/Distributor

  • Exceeds industry water-saving standards

  • Customer oriented- standing behind our products 

  • IAPMO and UPC tested and certified

  • Meet Watersense and EPA criteria

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